About me


Hi I’m Jemma, a solo traveller with 12+ years of experience travelling to 50+ countries! I started my blog (at much prompting from family and friends) to share hints, tips and ideas as well as practical (and hopefully not too boring) advice, while sharing some inspiring travel stories.

My travel addiction (the only kind to have!) began in my teens when I scored a pen pal who wrote to me in an exotic blend of English and Spanish. Now, I lived in Australia and, like many Aussies, didn’t know a word of Spanish or any foreign language, but getting those letters (yes, paper letters not emails) sparked something in me. So I started to teach myself Spanish. It was really hard going. This coincided with a new teacher at my school who told us stories about her days living in a small village in Italy, where she taught herself the language by going to see Italian movies. That story became my dream, and I took a gap year after high school to travel. I loved it – of course I loved it – despite the many and varied disasters that befell me. The rest, as they say, is history.

I take advantage of any opportunity to travel and my travel style has evolved over the years. I don’t call myself a backpacker, although I certainly have backpacked. I’m not an itinerant worker, although I’ve embraced that title in the past too. I’m not a photographer, but I love taking photos of the wonderful things I see so that I can share them with friends and family. All photos on this site are mine; please do not use them without permission.

Right now I am living and working full-time in the UK, making the most of my annual leave allowance, the fantastic cheap flights and the abundance of beautiful destinations that are close at hand.

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